By Ruth Presswood
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When I was diagnosed at nineteen years old,  I found many useful websites on the scientific explanations of having thyroid cancer, but nothing on what it could possibly feel like after the operation or how I would cope with being a cancer survivor.    I created this website back in 2003 so that people who are going through the same or similar cancer may be able to identify with some of my side affects and get comfort from someone who has survived this terrible disease.

What happened to me physically may not happen to someone else.  I had never had an operation in my life and I was very unaware of the physical implications on my body.  If I had been able to read someone else's personal account of having thyroid cancer and the after affects of surgery I may have been able to understand what my body would need to recover.

This website has been created for your interest.  It is by no means medically endorsed or scientific.  It is merely an account of what happened to me and how it made me feel, both physically and emotionally.

‚ÄčI now have a Facebook page, (link below), that I used frequently and tend to update on my current thyroid related health issues as well as adding the odd more recent photo. Feel free to follow and please get in touch.  I am a busy mum of two boys but I try my best to reply to every message (even if it has been a few weeks/months since it was written). 

Finally after many years this webpage is now available in a mobile version so hopefully it will be easier to read on mobiles and smaller screens.  

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